TALON gets new Logo decals applied in the Hooters parking lot. 

The girls like the new logos SOOO much they all came out to pose with the trucks.

And Our pictures make it to the Hooterstexas website - Here is email from Hooterstexas admin Jim

Doug -

Thanks for taking those pictures and putting them on your website. I took a couple of them and posted them at hooterstexas.com. You can see them by clicking on the Photos link, then S. Arlington.




THANKFULLY Garrets Camera takes a decent nite shot.... Thanks GARRET !!!

The 2nd from the left is our waitress - What a sweet heart !!!

99whitebeast's truck with the BIG decal

Moonshines truck



Come on guys I saw LOTS of digital Cameras send me the pictures

Mine doesn't take good Night shots