Level 10 Transmission Service

Removal from Truck - Remove Drive shaft and rear part of exhaust

Disassembly and cleaning

Parts get a thorough wash

The 3rd gear clutches and plates.  The clutches were ok looking but the plates were SMOKED

The new stuff - Raybestos Blue Clutches and Kolene Reaction Plates


A part that goes in the pump 
Stock on left Level 10 on right

One Way Sprag

Stock is on the right - Level 10 on the left

Parts organized for reassembly
The level of cleanliness and organization was impressive


Parts Area

The Level 10 Team


My impressions.  The 3rd gear clutches were smoked and costing me power.  The transmission feels very tight on the road.  The shifts are quick and firm.  Between the long tube headers and the Tranny work the truck feels much more aggressive on the road.


If you don't need or want a complete rebuild you can swap the tranny pan for 4x4 pan with drain that holds 1 quart or 2 more and get a line mod valve

Ford 4x4 Tranny Pan: F81Z-7A194-BA ($27.31 @ www.fordpartsonline.com)
Ford 4x4 Tranny Filter: YC3Z-7A098-BA ($16.73 @ www.fordpartsonline.com)

The line mod valve will help you get 2nd gear chirps and will save wear and heat in the tranny....