Brooks' Step By Step to setting TPS Voltage

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First off, a big thank you goes to BABOLT for helping me out with this.. Even though it wasn't one of his throttle bodyís, he told me what I needed to do.

Tools needed:

8mm socket & ratchet (to adjust idle set screw)

Phillips screw driver (to loosen TPS screws)

Multimeter (to measure TPS voltage)

Pins (to stick thru the insulation on the wires to the TPS) - optional

How to check your TPS voltage:

Turn key on, but donít crank engine

Put positive lead of multimeter on grey w/ white stripe wire (middle wire)

Put negative lead of multimeter on grey w/ red stripe (bottom wire)

I used straight pins to poke through the insulation. You can also use them to back probe into the connector so as not to put holes in the wires.

You should get under .99 volts.. Anything over, and you'll need to adjust it.

Make sure you have your idle set where you want it by moving this set screw:

Tighten- increase idle

Loosen- decrease idle

Loosen the TPS screws slightly:

Turn the TPS clockwise to raise the voltage.

Turn the TPS counter clockwise to lower the voltage.

Move the TPS slightly, and check with the multimeter. When you get it to where you want it, tighten it back down.

My voltage was 1.01 before, and .983 after.